March 23, 2021

Research Paper Sample on Hacker Culture

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One of the most revolutionizing aspects in the world has come in the form of technology. Tech has changed and enhanced the way people live, engage, and do business. It has demonstrated the capability of the entire globe becoming a small village where everyone interacts with everyone. Further, giant corporations have primarily relied on tech to drive their production, administration, and security operations, something that entirely relied on human personnel before.

The advent of technology and the widespread accessibility of every new tech in the market have also increased tech’s negative aspect. Currently, it becomes easier to attack an entity or a corporation from thousands of miles away using the click of a button, unlike the physical attacks most terrorists relied upon before. Because of this, most huge companies have had to invest millions of dollars into cybersecurity.

Most cyber-attacks originate from the need to get information either for money or other reasons. However, plenty of hackers in the contemporary world attack companies to derive useful information that they can use to hurt the said firms. For instance, a hacking company’s database can provide hackers with plenty of valuable data or information that they can use to devastating effects. Therefore, it becomes crucial to comprehend the hacker’s motives and culture when overcoming their menace.  

Cybercrime in Perspective

Cybercrime has emerged as a crucial problem in society, and governments have had to formulate and implement cybercrime laws to curb the menace it poses. It no longer proves a problem for the multinationals alone. For this reason, evaluating both the financial and political sides of cybercrimes is vital to understanding and resolving cybercrimes.

Cybercrimes hit the media and social media platforms’ waves even for longer than a year when they happen. Especially when well-known companies get hacked, it shows how easily hackers can access information from these companies and protect themselves from future cybercrime threats. While trying to understand cybercrime, understanding the culture and motives behind a hacker’s actions is very crucial to getting to the bottom of this menace.

A case in point involved Saudi Aramco, one of the largest gas and oil companies globally, with a net worth of about $10 trillion. Despite proving a governmental entity and the most significant national oil company within the territory of Saudi Arabia, the company got hacked in 2012. Consequently, it led to the isolation of the production system away from the infected PC workstations. Additionally, thirty thousand computers got affected though luckily enough, the organization did not lose or get any of their info stolen. Further, the disruption never affected the network’s primary components, implying that the hackers never did any real damage. However, from a public relations perspective, the organization would have portrayed this image to protect its brand.

The Motive that Drives Cybercrime

Different people have diverse motives behind their cyberattack actions. For instance, the hackers who attacked the systems of Saudi Aramco used Shamoon (the virus). The virus aims at rendering networked computers useless besides deleting specific files. Additionally, the virus also affects PCs that prove unconnected to the internet. However, the virus can also get deleted quickly and without any trace of its existence on the PC.

The hacker group attested to their intentions later on. The hackers admitted that they targeted Aramco administration substructures and structures besides Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange. All these attacks got accredited to a group calling themselves the CSJ, alternatively called Cutting Sword of Justice)

Analyze cybercrime will allow you to understand more concerning the hackers attacking computer systems. Most hackers typically take responsibility, which shows that such individuals prove fanatics who display no respect or fear for their laws. Hackers have specific ideas, and they can do anything to achieve their mission. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find it easier to deal with hackers who feed off mercantile reasons.


Cybersecurity proves an interesting and emerging aspect of tech security. It becomes crucial to consider the trends and motives about hacking to improve your system security.