March 23, 2021

Citing Your Paper in Turabian/Chicago Style

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Academic papers often prove crucial in determining the final grade of students in college. Therefore, students have to ensure that such papers come with the highest quality standards possible. One such key quality attribute entails proper formatting of the paper’s citation. Diverse types of citation standards or formatting styles exist, and these often prove essential in presenting information about referenced sources used in elaborating your writing.  So how can you go about it?

An Effective Method of Citing Your Paper in Turabian/Chicago Style

Diverse citation styles and standards exist when it comes to citing information resources. Have a look at the guide below to get a better grasp on formatting citations.

Chicago Style

It represents the oldest style and gets used primarily in social sciences, history, musicology, literature, and art. It, therefore, becomes prudent. Turabian style represents a Chicago style simplification that gets used in humanities paper topics. To get the key differences clearly, then you will have to consider the following.

Differences between Turabian and Chicago Styles

The Chicago and Turabian styles have plenty of similarities, but the two have contrasting styles in a similar vein. To understand the differences, consider the following differences.

The key distinction between Turabian and Chicago styles encompass the numbering pattern, where you follow up a parentheses number by space, time, and aspects such as a specific source data, all in Chicago.

Turabian primarily uses superscript within the footnotes and the article’s body. Additionally, the superscript often accompanies your source details.

Additionally, Turabian contains two forms of citations that encompass Notes-bibliography and Author-Date. It becomes crucial to review the task directions to understand better what your instructor prefers you to use.

Chicago Formatting Tips

The Chicago format often entails a specific formatting style, and for this reason, you have to consider the following.

  • The margins have to get adjusted to having a 3.81 maximum or 2.54cm minimum. You can then pick Times New Roman or Palantino to get your text easily readable. Additionally, you should have a font of about 10 points though preferably use 12 points. Further, it would help if you considered using double spacing, especially between lines. However, you find most educators electing to go with single spacing, though in indentation-long quotes, figure titles, and table titles. 
  • The Turabian citation style has to entail more than five lines, ultimately getting placed within the block quotation. The quote failed to prove enclosed a quote, and therefore, you have to incorporate input quotes. Expenses additionally, the citation style used has to follow the quote. Additionally, ensure that the input precedes or follows the quote. Every single spacing that remains in their car often comes as lines between the notes and the bibliography. But please ensure that something like a black line happens, especially between stickers.    
  • The Chicago style formatting, especially for the first where you can decide to use a three business
  • Main Body. The section often contains subheadings with a longer short document—however, subheading custom formatting. However, remember that consistency proves key in this line of business and throughout. Further, remember to clean the face towels. As much as custom formatting becomes crucial, you can do a bank.
  • Primary paper sections. In the Chicago format, the paper’s primary section has to include the main body, title page, bibliography, and references.
  1. Title page. You do not have to incorporate the title page in classroom papers, especially when using the Chicago style. In this instance, include it on the initial page. However, if you have to use Turabian, then your title page has to reflect the following.
  2. The title should come at the center of the page; you then have to leave a couple of lines for class, name, and information concerning dates. After that, ensure that the subtitle gets placed a line underneath the title. Finally, every line has to get double-spaced.
  3. References. It becomes crucial to consider the referencing style when it comes to Chicago referencing style. Here, you have to consider the publisher names, and you can abbreviate them. Further, if a source contains two authors, then it becomes prudent to name the initial author before adding the second author after conjunction. Additionally, books authored by an excess of three people though less than ten people, mention all their names and surnames.


Citations often play a key role in ascertaining the credibility of a scientific or research work. So if you have to use Chicago referencing style, then you have to adhere to the tenets that guide its use.