August 31, 2020

Writing a compelling introduction to the research paper

By admin

It is observed that students easily get lost in the flow of their thinking while writing the introduction to their research paper. There is a structure for writing the introduction which must the followed by students that want to stand out. Of equal importance is the rule that guides the introduction which every student is expected to follow in other to achieve the results that mattered.

Parts of the introduction in a report

We shall go straight into what is expected to be included in the introduction of the research paper. A brief and informative outline of the parts needed will be outlined briefly below:

Announce your topic: The starting point will be to announce your topic that you intended to research. Begin your introduction by announcing the topic and adding some relevant. It is important to deepen into the state of things right from the onset. The difficult expressions that you intend to use in the body of the paper should be cleared here.

Your literature: The ideal place to mention your literature review is through the introduction. You will require quotations of eminent scholars to back up your research efforts; you are going to need them to create the impression that your work is highly subjective.

The rationale: You must emphasize the rationale for the research work. Make it clear right from the introduction that the topic that you are writing on is important and will fill a need in the present dispensation. The rationale should be dead straight to the point and it will show the readers the significance of the research.

Thesis statement: There is the concluding part of the introduction. This represents the summary of what the research is all about. This is the total of your ideas presented compactly. This thesis will run throughout the paper and this is the reason why you should get it well organized because it will set the tone for the entire paper.

Where you are dealing with a complicated topic, your thesis statement should be elaborate to take care of all the ideas represented in the topic. The thesis should comprise of the following:

  • Must give general information on the topic
  • It should engage the readers and be as precise as possible
  • The significance of all the raised issues should be well discussed and taken care of.

The outline: When all the above has been put in place, it is important to ensure that a proper outline of the research paper structure is made. This should be a short paragraph that consists of three to four sentences which will be a representative of your entire plans of action.

Final take

The ideas above represent how the introduction to the research paper should be. Following the outline described above will give you the results that mattered when you want to put in the very best that are required to get the best introduction in place when writing the research paper.